For 16 years Dave Hughes has been copping the same sledge

Dave Hughes says he’s sick and tired of copping the same sledge day after day.

The popular comedian told that for more than 15 years he’s been on the receiving end of jokes about how much more attractive his wife is than him.

“I think Mark Holden, formerly of Australian Idol fame, probably started it,” Hughesy said. “We’d just started going out and I walked into a radio station and he said, ‘I saw you with your girlfriend, it’s really Beauty and the Beast!’”

Dave Hughes and Holly Ife have been together since 2002. Picture: David Caird

Dave Hughes and Holly Ife have been together since 2002. Picture: David CairdSource:News Corp Australia

Every time Hughesy posts a photo on social media with his wife, which is quite often as they’re currently in the middle of a book tour together for Excuse Me, Santa!, he gets inundated with comments about their looks.

“Generally I get, ‘You’re batting above your average’, or ‘You’re punching out of your weight division’, or ‘Wow, you must have a lot of money!’” the Hit Network radio host said.

“If I put up a photo of the two of us people say, ‘Why didn’t you include the guide dog in the photo’.”

Hughesy and his wife chatting about Excuse Me, Santa! on The Project.

Hughesy and his wife chatting about Excuse Me, Santa! on The Project.Source:Instagram

The one comment that really got to Hughesy was from his son, Rafferty.

“That was terrible. He said, ‘Dad, did you meet mum after you got famous?’ It was just too much.”

After 16 years of hearing the gags, Hughesy says he’s had pretty much had enough.

“It’s just been coming for a long time,” he told “I’m just saying, if you do the ‘batting above your average’ joke, you’re not exactly the first, OK? So just remember that, Australia. It’s been done before!”

So how does his wife, Holly Ife, react when she reads the comments about her looks?

“I think she’s being disingenuous but she claims she’s not attractive,” Hughesy said. “I’m just like, ‘Shut up, you are, just accept the compliments, all right?’

“She does calls me beautiful, but I’m not sure if she’s being sarcastic,” Hughesy added.

Hughesy and Holly have three kids together.

Hughesy and Holly have three kids together.Source:Supplied

As mentioned, the comedian and his wife are currently busy promoting their second children’s book, Excuse Me, Santa!

“Last year we had a book called Excuse Me and it’s based on Kate Langbroek and her husband,” Hughesy explained.

“Kate’s husband has never farted in front of her during their whole relationship, that’s over 20 years. I think that’s extraordinary.

“My wife heard that story and it inspired her to write this book about Martha May who is a flatulent sheep, so now it’s a series.”

Hughesy’s book.

Hughesy’s book.Source:Supplied


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