Anatomy of Exercise: A Trainer’s Inside Guide to Your Workout





This book is a great motivator for the health conscious… Depending on how intensely you get into your routines, Anatomy of Exercise is critical reading for those who want to acquire the best body they can. (Shelf Life)

Curious what the body is doing when it’s working out? Fitness expert Manocchia shows readers with a glossary of anatomical terms and detailed color illustrations that identify muscles. Duke, a personal trainer to the stars, has devised diet-and-fitness regimes for women. Distinctive to her approach: her encouragement to appreciate our bodies instead of aiming for an ideal that may not exist. (Library Journal Xpress Reviews 2008-04-22)

Exercise books abound — filled with how-to photos of various exercises. But here’s one with a bit of a different focus. Anatomy of Exercise looks at how different muscles of the body actually work during exercise. The book is organized by body area and shows common sequences in the progression of a typical workout. It features life-like anatomical illustrations to demonstrate each exercise and reveal exactly which muscles are engaged, which are being conditioned and how those muscles respond. (I Seiberling Regina Post 2009-02-05)

For the exercises covered, the author does a good job of explaining proper form. If you were never completely sure the right way to run or ride a stationary bike, this book tells you how in very simple language. The computer-generated illustrations of the muscles recruited to perform each exercise are cool. (Steve Jacob Star Telegram (Dallas-Fort Worth))

Anatomy of Exercise is a fascinating book…. If used correctly the book can help the reader benefit from each exercise and improve their fitness level. Highlights of the book include the detailed, full-color anatomical illustrations, annotations identifying active and stabilizing muscle, suggestions for modifications to vary intensity of an exercise, and a visual index that allows for easy navigation through the book. This book would be useful for anyone interested in enhancing their fitness routine as well as fitness instructors who want to visually show their customers the benefits of each exercise. Therefore, it can be recommended to medium-sized and large public libraries as well as high school and undergraduate collections. (Shannon Graff Hysell American Reference Book Annual)

This user-friendly guide has everything you need and then some. (2 Magazine)

Provides the answers and shows you exactly what’s moving one push-up and cross-over crunch at a time. (Albuquerque Journal 2008-08-10)

[The author’s] emphasis on supporting muscles will be helpful to people who tend to injure different muscles, one after another. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2008-04-21)

This manual is the ultimate reference on physical fitness for anyone who exercises. Fully illustrated and annotated it’s aimed at general readers who want to perform each exercise correctly while helping their muscles, not hurting them. (Destinations (Via Rail))

Read this book and you’ll strengthen your mind as well as your body…. This book is like having your own personal trainer right there with you. (Good Times 2008-08-31)

About the Author

Pat Manocchia is the owner, founder and director of La Paletra Center for Preventative Medicine in New York City. A pioneer in the integration of health and medicine, he was the fitness expert for Good Morning America and was contributing editor to Women’s Sports and Fitness and Allure magazines.

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